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Phase 3 of The HCG Diet/HCG P3



FOLLOW THIS PHASE 3 PROTOCOL if You Are NOT Planning to Start Another Round of the HCG Diet


Now, you can start the HCG Maintenance Phase (also known as HCG Phase 3 or P3) which consists of two 3-week periods.


The purpose of phase 3 of the HCG diet is to maintain the weight loss achieved by resetting a new weight set point in your body.  Once you stop taking the HCG drops, you will need to stay on the 500-calorie diet for three days. After the 3 days the HCG will have exited your body. For the following 3-week period, you are to avoid eating sugars or starches. You will eat around a 1500 calorie diet, more if you work out or play sports hard. The object is to stay within 2 pounds above or below the last weight you recorded while still taking HCG. If you exceed the two pound window, you should “steak day” or “apple day” to take it back off.  If you lose more than two pounds form your last HCG weight, then you need to eat more.

For people who gain all their weight back, they usually failed at this part of the diet. It is vital that you stay on this three-week or you will return to the prior weight you were before the diet. We have to retrain the body to accept and maintain this new weight by being consistent for 3 weeks. Remember you can eat anything on this stage except for the sugar and starches. “The Weight Loss Cure Guide” has a big list of what foods contain sugar and starch and those that are safe to eat. I recommend that everyone obtain a copy of the book and read it first.


FOLLOW THIS PHASE 3 PROTOCOL ONLY if you are going to do a second round of the HCG Diet


1) The first 7 days. Add all of the oils, fried  food, cheese, eggs. Any style of cooking any meat, pork, bacon, and ribs.

Now you are able to mix your veggies. Yes you are now able to have salad with your favorite dressing. (No Starches or Sugars)

2)  The second (week) 7 days. Add the starches, Breads, potatoes, pasta, and any cereals. (Hot or cold) No sugars yet.

Yes you can now have the burger!

3) The third week 7 days. This is the last step, now for the sweets. All the foods are back.


All “Apple” or All Steak Day

If you cheat and did not follow protocol, you can do an all Apple day or all Steak day. This should NOT be a common occurrence. Only do an all Apple day or all Steak day once during phase 2 or phase 3!

  • Apple Day: Take your drops and eat up to “6” large apples “only” throughout the day. Drink 8 oz. glasses of water. Take B-12 and Potassium daily.

  • Steak Day: Take your drops. Drink 8 oz. glasses of water. Take B-12 and Potassium daily. Eat “1” meal, which will be one 6 oz. steak with all fat removed before cooking.

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