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HCG 30 Day Supply

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  • Super Trim drops are a professional grade Homeopathic, all-natural supplement taken under the tongue for rapid absorption. HCG is a natural hormone produced in great quantities during a pregnancy, ensuring delivery of proper nutrients to the developing infant. HCG activates the hypothalamus to utilize your body’s stored fat to be used as  food.  Unlike other very low calorie diets, it is believed that this diet protocol resets your metabolism, safeguards your body’s healthy fat & protects muscle tissue from deteriorating. Well known weight loss expert Dr. Simeons states that people who follow this diet protocol exactly can burn 1500 to 3500 calories a day from their fat reserves! Our homeopathic HCG is a professional grade supplement that is manufactured in the USA.  BONUS: All customers have access to a personalized weight loss coach.

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